Is there a test at the end?

Yes, per industry standards students must pass a final exam with 70% or better to receive their certificate of attendance.

All courses offer comprehensive reviews before final exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

I work in the field most of the time -- can I take my class on my Smartphone?

Yes, we have had a number of students take our courses on their phones. Our courses are available on any device that connects to the Internet.

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What states accept your courses?

Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and Tennessee.

What are your classes like?

Our I SPY PI ® courses include slides, audio interviews and video demonstrations with commentary. All courses are self-paced to accommodate students' schedules.

Where are your courses hosted?

All courses, including our I SPY PI ® collection, are hosted on the DigitalChalk platform.  A leader in Learning Management Systems (LMS), offers greater security protocols than a standard website and is GDPR and PCI compliant., insuring discreet payment processing, user confidentiality, and efficient friendly technical support.